Harnessing the potential of migrant women as integration experts

About the project

The Integr8 project partners believe that migrant women are key to supporting and facilitating the integration of other migrant women and we want to make this happen. The Integr8 project aims to train, support and empower migrant women in seven European countries to take a pro-active role in their communities to support women’s integration in a wide range of ways...

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INTEGR8 aims to develop training materials and resources which will develop skills of migrant women so that they can be leaders of integration in their communities.

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The INTEGR8 project is led by Meath Partnership and is promoted by a consortium of seven organisations from across Europe with vast experience of working directly within local migrant communities.

These organisations come from Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Italy and Austria – seven European countries each with differing experiences of receiving and integrating migrants

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